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💛 Save your Affirmations with Natrella!

New Feature Update


This is an affirmation saved on Natrella
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How do you add and save your affirmation?

My Affirmation

Type out your affirmation, eg. “I am worthy of the best in life.” If you want, add a photo or sticker from the sticker library that reinforces your affirmation.

If you have a screenshot saved of the affirmation you want to save, add it as a photo to your affirmation instead of typing it out again.

It’s as easy as 1–2–3!

Here’s a list of affirmations that you might want to consider for yourself.

Revisit Your Affirmations

Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

Have you saved an affirmation in your Natrella space? Do you have any feature requests or suggestions to improve the app? Comment below or get in touch with us directly! Follow us to get updates on new features and updates we make to the app.


Natrella makes self-care simpler and a little fun — download the app and try it out for yourself! It is fully encrypted which means that only you have access to the content of your self-care moments. These are private and personal moments, and we respect your privacy — today and always.

Take better care of yourself with Natrella App.