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👋🏼 Welcome to Natrella!

By Nyawira Njoroge (Founder)

Natrella is a word I coined from the phrase ‘nature makes you better’ — which is true in so many ways. Spending time with nature, be that trees, the sea, ocean, mountains, valleys, always has such a positive impact on us. In many ways, self-care is similar.

Self-care soothes us, relaxes us, and helps us make peace with the ups and downs of life. When I’m surrounded by nature, I feel calm and safe enough to look within myself and really see what’s going on with me. This is also why the app has sprinkles of nature within it (natural landscapes and little animal emojis in each saved moment).

When I started Natrella, I wanted to create an experience that makes self-care easier to actually do, comes with less guilt, and is more tangible in a way. It’s a very mental experience that takes effort (both physical and mental) in various ways. And the reality is that none of us are perfect at taking care of ourselves — we forget, struggle with discipline, and get caught up in life. Honestly, that’s okay.

Natrella isn’t about perfecting self-care or creating an impossible standard for yourself to meet. This isn’t some sort of to-do list or anything that will eventually make you feel guilty for falling off the wagon every now and then. We all do, but we get back up and keep going.

I believe that self-care is a way of life. My hope is that this app helps you take better care of yourself & encourage you to express yourself thoughtfully and intentionally!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the app for you — please let me know. I really look forward to learning more about what you may or may not need. Leave a comment below or use this short and sweet Q&A to leave some feedback. 😊

Enjoy your self-care!

Take better care of yourself with Natrella App.